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Shuffling Numbers

I recently talked about generating random numbers. What if you are given a set of numbers and asked to shuffle the numbers randomly. What are the different methods that you can think of? There is basically one method you should remember, because finally every algorithm will take you to the same basic thing, which is,

Generate a random number between 1 and n (included), where n is size of the given set. Now put the number at that position in your array in the first place. Repeat the process for the n-1 remaining places. The randomness of the shuffling here will be decided by your random number generator’s randomness.

(A method suggested by Fisher-Yates and multiple others as well. Big deal!)

That is what most algorithms to shuffle numbers are all about. You can ofcourse fine tune your method to give you your shuffled sequence in O(n). Some old algorithms tend to run for O(n*n), but those are just too stupid and you can easily figure out how to fine tune them to O(n).

Yeah, that was as simple a post as they come!

PS: I don’t have a lot of time right now to write a full-blown algorithm for some problem right now. Sorry for the gap.

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