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Hello World!

Yes, that is the same pretty phrase that you see written in every damned code in every text book you pick up inside the “printf” or next to the “cout”, depending on your choice of language. Hello World!

This blog here is synonymous to such books in the concepts it will deliver. However, it will do so in a completely application/code based manner. You read it right! No long lectures which you have to read through. We’ll talk about algorithms, the famous ones, and the ones which are not so much and we’ll discuss solutions to the problems that you might find at multiple places online related to interviews in companies and programming competitions.

Hopefully, some of you will find all the information that goes up on this blog, this day forward, to be useful. If not, well then I hope a post at a later date might bring you here. 😉

There will be a semi-formal syntax I would follow in each of the posts. The title would clearly state the problem. The solution will either be a code (with lots of comments! 🙂 ) or some theory followed by the code/pseudo-code. So lets get the coding started!

PS: Do visit my other blog @ (which happens to be a personal blog of mine with quite a lot of technical stuff mixed with my random thoughts and day to day undertakings)

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